Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey Mom, look what I found for G! I think she would like this. We could match...
Bring a little L.A. edge to your life, as your baby or toddler "Rocks out" in skulls.

* Shopping carts are filled with germs so keep them protected!
* 100% reversible and machine washable
* Comfortable, clean, & stylish - padded for ultimate comfort with safety belt
* 2 toy loops and pockets - keeps toys from endlessly dropping to the ground!
* Fits high chairs, shopping carts, double shopping carts & park swings...Great for twins also!
* Covers entire shopping cart to protect your hands as you push your precious cargo!
It's a bit pricey but so cute. Can find it here!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rhinestone Hoodie

Mom CLEARLY splurged! No bargain Basement find here! She said she was just so completely in LOVE with this hoodie that she just DID IT!!! Of course, there will be a "G" in rhinestones instead of a K! I

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Booty Balm

Hey Mom, look what I found while you were at work! It's called Booty Balm. (Booty, it's a Pirate thing) I think I'd like to get that for my new baby sister? Can you hook me up? I don't see any credit cards lying around the house. Even if they were, don't think I could find them through the mess. Argh!

I think you can get it here. or here for $5.99.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome Aboard…

…to my Poop deck...I’m just a salty dog calling the shots like I see it!

I’m a Pirate, a furry sea-robber, that roams the seas, aka carpet in my home, without any legal commission, and seize or plunder any stuffed animals I meet indiscriminately, whether friend or foe.
My most precious prizes are my wenches, oops, I mean ladies... Big Mama and Cami but I have to say that the best booty is my squeaky ball that I treat like it was made of solid gold.

I’ve just been informed that my rein of terror will soon be coming to a halt and have to share my quarters with a baby sister.

Hmm, I must go quickly and hide all my treasure before she gets here…wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

National Pirate Day

Did you know that September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate day? No, well, you do now!