Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome Aboard…

…to my Poop deck...I’m just a salty dog calling the shots like I see it!

I’m a Pirate, a furry sea-robber, that roams the seas, aka carpet in my home, without any legal commission, and seize or plunder any stuffed animals I meet indiscriminately, whether friend or foe.
My most precious prizes are my wenches, oops, I mean ladies... Big Mama and Cami but I have to say that the best booty is my squeaky ball that I treat like it was made of solid gold.

I’ve just been informed that my rein of terror will soon be coming to a halt and have to share my quarters with a baby sister.

Hmm, I must go quickly and hide all my treasure before she gets here…wish me luck!


Scott & Hope said...

Pirate, you are a funny little one!! My co-worker just said he wants to start a blog for his dog called Eldy Bird Humperdink --Confessions of a Hump Dog!!

hiltonsheadeast said...

Hi Pirate! It's me, Auntie Lori. I love your new blog. If you need any extra hiding places, let me know. Maybe I can help. Love you ! Auntie Lori in Florida

P.S. --better check the last sentence (4th word) of your header. I got your back, baby. :)

P.S.S. -- you will love sharing with your new little sister and I know she'll share with you. She'll be a food dropping machine. In other words, you'll like following her around.

Kim said...

See here I was worried about you because you hadn't been blogging and I find you on a spiffy new blog!

ARG! :)